Tuesday, April 15, 2008

“Face the Truth” Tour Will Hit South Dakota

It’s not really the way you want to start you day. But, it’s the way mine started. I received a note in my inbox. It was a forwarded email containing details about the “Face the Truth” Tour’s upcoming visit to South Dakota. I knew it would happen eventually. That doesn’t make hearing the news any easier.

The tour is put together by the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League… yet another outside interest group bringing their national agenda to South Dakota.

It wasn’t that long ago that the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families was going door to door encouraging you to sign their “We’ve Had Enough” petition. Of course I signed that petition, because this is exactly the kind of stuff I’ve had enough of. This is exactly the kind of stuff that I was hoping to not have to witness again this year.

Is anyone really excited that our state is going to be battling this again? Is anyone really pumped up about having our families and neighborhoods divided by such a debate?

We did this already. The voters spoke.

No one is suggesting that abortion is easy or convenient. No one would argue that coming to the decision isn’t a difficult and painful journey for almost every woman and family faced with the dilemma. But, these are personal and very private decisions. Do we really want the government overstepping it’s bounds and getting involved? The voters will answer that question in November… and I’m confident that it will be an overwhelming NO.

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