Thursday, July 3, 2008

Insight into the Anti-Choice Movement

There was a post on Laura Flander’s gritTV that has some interesting insights in to the anti-choice movement and it’s influence in the 8th court circuit ruling:
In the long and winding road from Bray to the 8th Circuit Ct. of Appeals decision last week in Planned Parenthood v Rounds, et al., arising out of South Dakota, we've been put through some headspinning and conflated polemics by antiabortion activists and lawyers and legislators. In a law review published recently, after the Supreme Court's funky rulings in Gonzales v Carhart but prior to the 8th Circuit opinion, Ronald Turner says of the "women's regret" strategy:

“Positing the postabortion syndrome in books and articles; determinedly adhering to the theory in the face of the opposition of scientists and established organizations and others; filing amicus briefs calling judicial attention to antiabortion advocates’ concerns about “women’s regret” and postabortion psychological and other problems; obtaining express recognition of those concerns in a published opinion by a federal appellate court judge; playing an active and prominent role in South Dakota’s study of and effort to outlaw abortion: all of these actions were part of a committed and perseverant campaign to rewrite the narrative and to change the terms of the abortion-rights debate. This sustained politico-legal movement has now achieved one of the desired objectives of the antiabortion position—the Supreme Court’s placement of its imprimatur on the “women’s regret” rationale.”
I recommend reading the rest---Check it out HERE.

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