Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Intrusion, Intrusion, and more Intrusion

By Shannon
SD Community Organizer

July 1st is the day when all new laws passed by the South Dakota State Legislature and signed by the governor go into effect.

This year, that includes a lovely new law that adds even more restrictions on South Dakota’s already rigid abortion regulations.

In case you need a recap, the Sonogram Law requires a doctor to ask a woman if she wants to see the sonogram prior to having an abortion. She must also sign yet another piece of paper saying she was, indeed, asked that question, and record her answer.

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Dennis Schmidt, a Republican from Rapid City. He, and others who supported this measure, seem to think that by seeing an ultrasound, a woman will be discouraged from going through with the abortion. They couldn’t be more wrong.

By the time a woman arrives at the difficult decision to have an abortion, she has already gone through a great many obstacles in South Dakota. She has had plenty of time to contemplate her decision, search her soul, and weigh her options.

This law will change nothing. It’s just another example of government intrusion into the personal lives of South Dakota women and families.

It’s interesting… that sounds a lot like what I’ve been saying about the recent 8th Circuit Ruling that came down last week, changing the state’s informed consent laws. Once again, the same small group of extremists thought in 2005 that by passing this “whole, unique, human being” concept, that somehow, women would be more informed. I personally do not know any woman who doesn’t know what it means to be pregnant. See… just more government intrusion into personal matters.

And… in case you needed reminding, you will be voting on November 4th on still another abortion ban.

Year after year this goes on. Year after year, one small group of anti-choice forces think they are the ones who are fit to decide what is best for you and your family. They seem to think the government has a place in your personal decisions. And, year after year, we prove to them that South Dakotans don’t need that kind of government involvement.


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