Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Start Talking SD!

By Ashley B. - SD Public Affairs Intern

I hit the streets of Sioux Falls this weekend to find out what people know about IM 11 and how they feel about it. Over two days I probably talked to 75 groups of people and had some inspiring and encouraging conversations. Most people genuinely seemed to appreciate the work PPSD does as well as the courage it takes to stand up for reproductive rights in South Dakota. Many people offered to sign any petition I had, or fill out a supporter card (note to self: take those next time I go out).

However, as soon as I said, “oh, would you let our supports know for our new vodcast?” people clammed up fast. I completely respect a person’s right to keep their political opinions private. At the same time, there is part of me that wants to say, “but if we ALL let our opposition to IM 11 known it will be better! It will be easier to defeat this ban! I know it.”

Stay tuned to StandUpSD.com for more videos featuring experts in various medical, legal, and political fields who oppose IM 11. This week I’m meeting with a medical student, a former rape crisis center volunteer, and some of the Campaign for Healthy Families volunteers. If there is an expert you’d like to hear from please let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

SD, we have got to start talking about this—out loud and in public. These videos are just part of that conversation.

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