Monday, August 18, 2008

Birth Control = Abortion? I Think Not.

Perhaps you’ve caught some of the news coverage recently about a new Health and Human services ruling the Bush administration that would compromise women’s access to health care and information. This is just another attack on women’s health care.

The proposed rule would redefine abortion to include some of the most common and most effective methods of birth control. This will have a detrimental effect on women’s ability to manage their own health care – yet another example of the government trying to intrude on personal decisions.

What’s even more maddening: this comes at a time when South Dakota is faced with another abortion ban. Once again, the government is focusing on the wrong aspects in solving the issue of unintended pregnancies. The best way to reduce the number of abortions in South Dakota and around the country is to provide better access, more affordable access, to birth control. Not to take it away.

I’ve always been scared about what’s next? If this ban passes (and it won’t, but if it does), what’s next? What will the anti-choice extremists attack next? Here’s proof. Your ability to plan when you want to have children will no longer be your ability. It will be more big government intrusion into personal decision making.

Just like Initiated Measure 11, decisions about birth control are something best left up to women and their families.

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Ashley B. said...

This drives me absolutely crazy. When I got the first e-mail alert from PPFA I almost thought it was a joke. I mean, really Bush administration? Really?!

I've sent my congress person a few tersely worded e-mails. I hope that we can generate enough public outcry that the Bush administration wont try to "pay back" the religious right with this anti-choice (anti-responsibility really) plan.