Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Medical Student Speaks out against IM 11

Ashley B.
Public Affairs Intern

Veronika, a 2nd year medical student, explains why she is opposed to initiated measure 11. Leave us a comment and tell us why YOU are opposing IM 11. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast in itunes.

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Kayla Salberg said...

I think its my choice as a women to decide and here are some of my reasons. First of all if abortion was ban the cost our state would endure to have to give medicaid to all these women who cant afford insurance to give birth would be outrageous. Another is adoption. Its not as easy as they make it sound. In our great state of South Dakota to give your child up for adoption you have to have permission from the father if you know who it is. If he says NO your baby is stuck in limbo. I know Ive been through it. That is harder on a woman that an abortion.