Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Initiated Measure 11 Will Ban Abortion in SD

Abortion Ban in South Dakota

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Speaking out form South Dakota: Keep Families' Health Care Decisions in Families hands
Kudos to our friend and "shero" Tiffany Campbell for being so courageous to stand up for the families of South Dakota. What she and her family went through is so difficult and proof of why one single piece of legislation cannot possibly account for the many circumstances that a family might face.

Tiffany in her own words:

The right of families to make decisions about their own private health care
is under attack in South Dakota, where I live with my husband, Chris, and our
three children. These agonizing decisions would be seized by bureaucrats and
lawyers if Measure 11 -- another sweeping abortion ban like the one that South
Dakota voters rejected decisively in 2006 -- passes this November.

Why did Chris and I decide to have an abortion?

Two years ago, in the midst of that first, intense battle to ban abortion here in South Dakota, we learned that we were pregnant with identical twins. We were overjoyed.

But then we learned that our sons were suffering from a severe case of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. That's a condition where twins unequally share blood circulation. It meant that one boy was receiving too much blood resulting in a strained heart and acute risk of heart failure. Meanwhile, his brother was clinging to life, but his blood supply was insufficient to sustain normal development. This is an affliction where if one twin dies, the other faces significant risk of death.

So we were faced with an awful situation that forced us to examine our most
fundamental moral and spiritual beliefs. At first we just didn't want to believe
the doctors' prognosis. We wanted so badly for our boys to win the fight. But we
couldn't stay on the sidelines forever: against all of our hopes and prayers,
our twins' conditions continued to deteriorate quickly.

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