Monday, April 6, 2009

Victory in North Dakota

I am so proud of and happy for my collegues in North Dakota. What a victory to end last week on. Congratulations for all your hard work.

North Dakota Senate Defeats Broad and Sweeping “Personhood” Bill

Bismarck — Today the North Dakota Senate defeated HB 1572 by a margin of 29 to 16. If passed, HB 1572 could have outlawed contraception as well as medical procedures used to treat tubal pregnancies and infertility, impacting thousands of laws in the North Dakota Century Code. “This poorly constructed legislation would have had a profound impact on the state, affecting everything from when property rights are granted, to inheritance rights, to access to the courts,” said Tim Stanley, Senior Director of Government and Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS). “This bill would have put the government in charge of personal health care decisions best left to women, their doctors and families--not politicians,” said Stanley. HB 1572 was backed by national activist groups working to make North Dakota the epicenter of a heated national debate. Personhood USA backed HB1572 and unsuccessfully attempted to change the Colorado constitution with similar language last November. Colorado voters defeated the measure by 3 to 1.

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