Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Abortion Ban in the News

SD's abortion ballot issue raises legal questions

Abortion Measure could Face Constitutional Challenge

Ballot Issues Already Raise Legal Questions

Abortion Ballot issues raise legal questions


I am pretty confused by all of this.

Attorney General Larry Long is required by state law to provide the summary of ballot measures to educate the voters of South Dakota about the purpose of the law and what effect it will have.

For the summary of Initiated Measure 11, Mr. Long says it may be "declared to be in violation of the United States Constitution" and that the state may be required to pay attorneys fees and costs in any lawsuit against the state.”

Now, remember that our Attorney General also helped to write IM 11. So why would Larry Long co-author a law that he readily admits will likely be challenged in court, may be declared in violation of the Constitution and cost the taxpayers of this state an enormous amount of money?

I'm confused as to what Mr. Long is thinking here? Why would he spend his time and energy writing a law that he admits may likely cost the taxpayers of our small state a great deal of money? As a Republican, I just don’t get it.


South Dakota Makes Another Pass at Abortion Ban

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