Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Misinformation Continues

Every morning my day at work starts with me looking for any sort of media coverage on the South Dakota Abortion Ban, the important work that Planned Parenthood continues to do unrelated to the ban, and any other pieces of interest as related to reproductive health.

I also read a slough of blogs, local and not-so-local, and from time to time, I head over to Vote Yes For Life’s site to see what they have to say.

The site has a prayer blog: a way for people to send out their prayers for citizens, politicians, their volunteers, etc. Usually, the posts are just one’s private thoughts for who might need a little extra guidance that day. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to it.
But, today, I read something that I just couldn’t let go.
Exceptions, Exceptions, Exceptions!
Pray Today That South Dakotans Who "Voted No On 6," In 2006 Will Remember That The Exceptions For Abortion, Which Were Asked For In 2006, Have Been Included In Initiative 11. The Exceptions Have Been Added! #1. To Preserve The Life And Health Of The Mother, #2. Rape #3. Incest.
This post is terribly concerning to me. First and foremost, these statements are just not true. The Anti-Choice forces are marketing this ban as one that the voters of South Dakota asked for in 2006. But this is just not the case. It’s not the truth. The exceptions are not exceptions at all. This measure is cruel. And, the reality is, the law will do nothing to prevent a single abortion in this state. It will merely drive it underground, making it dangerous and sometimes deadly.

What they’re also forgetting is that the people of South Dakota believe this is a personal decision, that women and families can be their own moral agents, and they don’t need the government intruding in this very difficult decision.

I think what Vote Yes for Life is actually hoping for here, is that the people of South Dakota will not take the time to educate themselves on this measure. I think they’re hoping they can hide behind the word “exceptions.” I, however, have a lot more faith in the voters of this state. And, I believe they will see this law for what it really is: a sweeping ban on abortion in South Dakota for nearly all women.

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