Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rapid City Journal says vote NO!

By the Journal Editorial Board
Abortion Should Remain a Family Decision

No other issue in South Dakota this year has generated the same level of
emotion and attention as Initiated Measure 11 — the measure to ban abortions in
South Dakota with a few exceptions.

In 2006, the state’s voters rejected a similar measure, although one that contained no exceptions under any circumstances. That all encompassing ban has led to the 2008 version the state will vote on early next week.

We do not support Initiated Measure 11, and recommend a no vote.

Clearly the measure would be challenged and would likely make its way
to the Supreme Court. Remember, in 2006 the legal challenge and subsequent path
to the Supreme Court to challenge Roe v. Wade, was the intent of abortion ban

South Dakota should not be put in this position to run point on this
issue and then be forced to manage the legal costs for many years to come. The
state will be spending money fighting a battle it should not be involved with in
the first place.

What would a legal challenge cost the state of South Dakota? How many
millions of dollars should state taxpayers be asked to invest in a challenge to
a federal law rather than spending the same money on education, the highway
system or many of the other state needs?

Some in the medical community have concerns about the measure, pointing
out the standards imposed on the medical community could effect the doctor’s
treatment of a patient. The government and attorneys should not be making
decisions best left to a doctor and his or her patient.

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