Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Live Action Camp Update

This past Saturday I attended a Live Action Camp in North Dakota about health care reform. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about health care reform. The speakers were very informative and the group had some good discussions regarding the issue. It is something that is on a lot of our minds and is definitely a concern to many of us. If the current system is going to be overhauled, it is important to be informed about the possible changes. And events, like a Live Action Camp, are perfect for updating your knowledge.

Specifically, we learned about the types of reform, like the public option and single payer plan, and even about the Medicaid Waiver and the important part it can and does play in health care. We also learned about Planned Parenthood’s priorities when it comes to health care reform since they have always been a strong voice for women’s rights. Prevention, affordable, high-quality health care for all, and choice of health care provider should be guarantees when it comes to our health care.

The second half of the camp was about getting your own voice out there, whether through personal letters to the editor or by contacting your legislators. Letters to the editor are often short, but precise in what you want to convey to the public, and a great way to voice your thoughts and opinions. Contacting your legislators is much easier and more effective than many people often think. If we all come together and utilize our individual voices, I think we can make a major impact on the outcome of health care reform.

So overall, I was very glad I make the trip up north. Everyone I met was very nice and friendly and had legitimate concerns about health care reform. I would also encourage anyone to attend a Live Action Camp, if given the chance, because of the great experience I had.

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